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Supercare Extended Warranty - STD

Supercare Extended Warranty - STD

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Keep your focus on the mission!

Industry leading extended warranty program, created for operators who need to tether aircraft in the harshest conditions. If your Superfly 2™ tether system is damaged due to
accidental damage, or wear and tear in the course of action during the Supercare Warranty Period, we’ll get your tether running like new again.


Repair or replacement coverage with a maximum of one system replacement per year, with the following deductibles:
Tether Box Replacement - $ 1099
Adapter Replacement - $ 649
Tether Cable Replacement - $ 499

Supercare does not cover any claims or other losses arising from the loss of usage of drone while the tether system is being repaired or replaced.

Supercare is applicable to the Superfly 2™ Tether System only. It does not cover any additional products that may have been included in a promotional offer.



The Supercare Warranty Period is the one year period that commences when the price for the Supercare Extended Warranty is paid.


Email us at with your product serial number to start a claim.


Repairs are handled in the United States.

If the damage is extensive or would require time consuming repairs, we’ll ship you a brand new tether system.

For a full list of Terms & Conditions, please refer to the LEGAL section below.

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